Nachbarinnen help new citizens in Vienna to help themselves. They provide practical and cultural information, organize educational support for children and provide several tools and projects to help women integrate themselves into the Austrian society.

They even founded their own sewing company in Vienna, the Nähwerkstatt, to provide a first working place for many women who arrive in Vienna. You can watch some of their success stories further down.

If you have a spare Euro, Pound or Rouble we invite you to make a donation on their new website.


The Campaign "ich machs mir selbst" or "I'll do it myself" is referring to the fact that migrant families are strong. They are not helpless victims. If there is no help, they are empowering themselves. And NACHBARINNEN are supporting them. We produced some success stories and Austro Pop branded Merchandise produced out of recyceled material in the Nähwerkstatt of NACHBARINNEN.