the studio & how I work

Johannes Kerschbaummayr is a concept & production studio based in Vienna.

With a committed network of partners they deliver productions all of a piece, from creative direction and concept creation over campaigns and brand development to the production of high quality visual and auditive content, like music composition, radio spots, sound design, video & animation, webdesign and corporate identities

Johannes Kerschbaummayr

CEO & Creative Director



I was never satisfied with the familiar. A constant urge to try out new things and discover the yet unknown has always been the fuel for my inspiration. Being a cook, a singer, a political scientist, a cellist, a photographer, a designer, a composer, a paramedic, an artist, an animator, a strategist, a carpenter and a creative director, is my base of knowledge for new ideas, concepts and projects which disperse dust. My experience in all these areas materialize in many projects I work on with brands, universities, designers, film makers and other creative people all over Europe.